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Latest News
  • B club "Elder Scrolls" series has been the bulk of players of all ages, however its network version of "The Elder Scrolls OL" has become too general. Recently, the "Elder Scrolls OL" proclaimed the 2016 update program...
  • Soul Cairn could be a field choked with annihilation captured mortal soul. Soul Cairn by the soi-disant "master Thought (Ideal Master)" mysterious presence management, instead of Di Dela monarch. Once the soul is captured the soul stone,...
  • Just today, "Elder Scrolls OL" the official unleash of its latest DLC - Thieves society introductory video, within the video credits, Bethesda proclaimed this DLC correct on-line date, computer version of the new DLC are going to be on-l...
  • 1. Select race Cliché, Hongwei must PVE first choice, but the author is Empire people, okay, after the authors orcs, cat person, wood elves still can. 2. Property The authors compare the current property combat and non-combat To ensure the bl...
  • Soldier, always a brave career. When players first hand waving sword, it has been doomed Linglie must face wind and brutal battle. In the nick of time with a deadly finishing moves Zhanxia enemy's head, is the only reward players can get.◆ sur...
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